July 2013 Update from Dr. Henry Klassen

Many people impacted by retinal degenerations, the world over, are eager to hear updates pertaining to our upcoming clinical trial using retinal progenitor cells (RPCs) in RP. The most frequently asked questions specifically relate to the timing and logistics of patient enrollment.

What happens next will be a request for additional information, sent by us, to interested people who have given us their contact information. This will set the stage for further interactions but will not yet constitute enrollment.

Enrollment in the study will commence after the FDA has given formal approval and the local Institution review Board (IRB) has also approved the study. Initial patients will be selected based on how well they match the approved selection criteria. Those criteria are not yet established, however, it is highly probable that the first patients will be legally blind. The ongoing plan will be to enroll progressively better-seeing patients over time, with FDA permission, as safety is documented.

This website will be updated to provide information on the progress of recruiting for the trial.

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