A Note From Our Founders


Thank you for your interest in the Foundation for Retinal Regeneration. This nonprofit organization was established to bring the gift of sight to those who are losing or have lost their vision due to retinal diseases. At the time this is being written, there are no established cures for RP and AMD and only a small number of effective treatments are applicable to selected conditions. However, there are some very promising experimental strategies under development, a number of which are about to begin clinical trials. Despite the promising experimental strategies under development, support for this type of work is increasingly difficult to rely on and we now stand at a critical juncture.

The goal of the Foundation for Retinal Regeneration is to shepherd selected high-impact projects from the laboratory into the clinic with the shortest possible time line to effective treatments. Once approved for clinical use, we will make the treatments available to those patients worldwide who lack access through established healthcare networks. Our mission is supported by many caring people and we would be delighted to count you among them.

Most gratefully,

Henry Klassen, MD, PhD

Jing Yang, MD, PhD