Funding Initiatives

Since the inception of our research, the Foundation for Retinal Regeneration has been committed to improving the lives of others; specifically, finding a treatment for Retinitis Pigmentosa.  Each year, thousands of children and adults will lose their sight from retinal diseases. In keeping with our mission to discover and deliver innovative treatments that help blind individuals overcome retinal diseases, our donors want to know that their contributions are used to benefit our mission.  All donations made to our foundation directly support advancements in research and development. Our research and development efforts are made possible through the generosity of caring individuals,  foundations, and grants across the United States.

Current Programs

RP and AMD Awareness

Approximately 1 in 7 retirees will suffer from AMD and these individuals are unaware of the potential onset and the steps they can take to delay the effects of AMD.  Under this program we will provide education as it relates to retinal diseases, RP and AMD facts and statistics, current available treatments to delay the progression of retinal diseases, and steps to delay or prevent the onset of AMD.

Research Focused on Sight

Funds will be allocated to provide the necessary resources and opportunities for researchers to discover advancements in the treatment of RP and AMD. We have submitted our discoveries to the FDA and upon approval, we will begin clinical trials. This is only made possible by the generosity of our donors and awarded grants.

Programs on the Horizon

Preventative Screening

The Foundation for Retinal Degeneration believes that detecting the possibility of RP or AMD is vital in developing a course of treatment. With early detection, individuals can reduce the emotional and financial burdens caused by retinal diseases. By providing low-cost to free screenings for RP and AMD, we hope to provide early detection screening for individuals who are potentially at risk.

No Barriers to Sight

In the effort to provide treatment to all affected individuals, the Foundation for Retinal Regeneration created the No Barriers to Sight program. Some patients will need to overcome costs associated with the treatment in order to receive treatment and this program is designed to provide financial assistance to ensure qualified applicants receive treatment.